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    New screenshots of Hogwarts Legacy with character customization

    Avalanche Software Studio held a special technical presentation for developers as part of an event from AutoDesk. The team dedicated their talk to the motion capture process at Hogwarts Legacy. Along with this, the authors presented several new screenshots of the action, showing the character customization.

    Also, as part of the presentation of the development, they showed a new cut-scene for Hogwarts Legacy. It showed how a hippogriff is attacked by poachers and taken away somewhere. This is an extended version of the scene from game demos at State of Play.

    Taking into account the last news from the developers and their increased activity, everything points to a very soon presentation of Hogwarts Legacy to the players. The studio should talk about the plot and reveal additional details of the teaching of magic at school. Most likely, the game will be shown as part of Gamescom 2022.

    As seen on PlayGround

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