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    New screenshots from the future Texas DLC – bodies of water, deserts, forests, mountains

    Some time ago we brought you the first part of the local nature showcase in the upcoming Texas DLC. Back then we were mostly on flat, level ground, however this time you should prepare for an exciting journey up and down!

    We’ve already covered some of the local mountains on the rock formations blog, but we have more to show. Indeed, in Texas there are three main types of climate, which, in addition to the continental and modified marine, also include the mountain type. And while it’s hardly possible to squeeze all 2164 mountains, peaks and hills into our in-game scale, we’re confident that the characteristic shapes of the mountain ranges will always provide the right immersion as you drive past them in your mighty trucks!

    Deserts and forests in Texas are represented mainly in opposite parts of the state. While you can drive through the vast Chihuahua Desert to the west, the east tells a very different story with its dense pine forest. However, these ecosystems have one thing in common, as they are both places that have their own unique qualities, such as materials, wildlife or flora.

    The state is made up of over 7,000 square miles (18,129 square kilometers) of water, and there will be many lakes, rivers, and coastlines in the map expansion. The Gulf of Mexico is probably the overall winner in this particular sub-topic, but there are still plenty of interesting bodies of water to be found throughout the state, such as the Fork Red River, the Brazos River, and more!

    As seen on PlayGround

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