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    New screenshots from the future Oklahoma DLC for American Truck Simulator – Oklahoma City

    Welcome to Oklahoma City, the state capital! This bustling metropolis of over 650,000 serves as a political, economic and cultural hub. In the upcoming Oklahoma expansion for American Truck Simulator, the developers have recreated this city along with many of its famous landmarks, buildings and businesses.

    They say the city never sleeps and the same goes for Oklahoma City. Players will find several new manufacturing depots, including a public works base, a construction technology factory, and a car factory. You are sure to find a lot of work in these industries.

    Anyone who has been to Oklahoma City before knows that it has a lot of different buildings, museums, structures and public art. The developers have recreated many of these landmarks in detail, such as the OKC Library, Faith Church, OKC Union Station, the Riversport Center, the Museum of the First Americans, and the Crooked Oak School Complex.

    However, it wouldn’t be Oklahoma City without the Devon Energy Center skyscraper, as well as the iconic Skydance Bridge. You will definitely know where you are when you see them from the cab of the truck.

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