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    New screenshots and information on various editions of Company of Heroes 3

    Today, Sega and Relic Entertainment announced the release date for the upcoming RTS game Company of Heroes 3, as well as information on the various editions of the game and a bunch of screenshots.

    The game will launch on PC on Steam on November 17, 2022, with pre-orders available today.

    The North African campaign has been revealed to be more traditional and story-driven, compared to the previously announced Italian dynamic campaign, which offers a branching, open-ended experience.

    It also became known that the game will have both digital and physical versions of the Premium Edition.

    Digital includes the Devil’s Brigade DLC Pack containing cosmetic items based on the first elite commando units of World War II, as well as the Premium Victory Point cosmetic item, the Premium M4 Sherman cosmetic item, the Premium HQ cosmetic item, and the First Year Expansion Pack.

    The physical version comes with the same DLC and expansion pack, plus a service medal, pocket compass, collector’s book, and more.

    As seen on PlayGround

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