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    New mod for Mass Effect Legendary Edition brings back classes from multiplayer

    Mass Effect Legendary Edition gave us the best way to play through the iconic BioWare trilogy. In addition to improving the visuals and gameplay, it bundles almost all of the add-ons into one package, although, unfortunately, some content had to be left behind. Mass Effect 3’s multiplayer was one such casualty, leaving behind everything it brought to the table.

    But now, thanks to a fan, we can experience at least one of its aspects. AidAde brought back classes from multiplayer for use in the main story. This means you can blast your way through the Reaper War as enhanced versions of the Adept, Guardian, Engineer, and Vanguard, just like in Mass Effect 3 multiplayer.

    With the help of a mod ME3 Multiplayer Inspired Classes, you get access to modified versions of regular classes to better resemble what was in ME3 multiplayer in those days. All of them have also been renamed to better suit their offensive focus: Fury Adept, Demolisher Engineer, Brawler Vanguard, and Raider Sentinel.

    As seen on PlayGround

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