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    New mod for Fallout: New Vegas adds annoying Jake Paul to the game

    Jake Paul is a YouTuber turned boxer. Now the Fallout mod is dedicated to him, which adds him to Fallout: New Vegas as an “annoying and very hostile” NPC. which is almost impossible to kill.

    In his full boxing suit, Jake Paul has one million HP, moves faster than any other enemy in the game, and can kill even high level players with a single punch. He is in a house in New Vegas, near the entrance to the north aisle. As you enter, you will find him standing eerily facing the wall next to the dead body of his two-time rival, MMA star Tyron Woodley. It is clear that Jake has just scored his famous knockout and is on fire, ready for a new opponent.

    If you manage to defeat him – remember, he can kill the Deathclaws in one hit, so we recommend teaming up with Raoul, constantly backtracking and spamming Jake Paul with Fatties – you can get his boxing gloves and shorts, which sell for a million caps each, as well as 20 stimulants and a handwritten note that simply says “idk, just sell it”.

    You can download the mod link.

    As seen on PlayGround

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