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    New mod for Dragon Age: Inquisition equalizes female and male characters, exposing chest for everyone

    Fans of the cult RPG Dragon Age series are really working on the equality of characters of any gender, unlike the developers themselves. The new mod for Dragon Age: Inquisition aims to equalize the design of armor for female and male characters. Thanks to only minor changes in the armor of the female characters, the chest was exposed, thereby bringing them closer to the male version.

    Enthusiast Padme4000 reworked the original design of the Shokra-taar armor set. The author of the mod set himself the goal of only equalizing the appearance of armor for female and male characters. To approximate the appearance of the female armor, I had to remove part of the bra, edit some elements and expose the chest. Now the Shokra-taar armor on female heroes looks too frank, but it is as similar as possible to the male version.

    The mod is available for download at websitewhere you can also see the modified armor design for female characters.

    As seen on PlayGround

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