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    New leaked images give fans first potential look at VALORANT Mobile

    VALORANT’s mobile port is finally on the horizon. New leaked images from the game’s first test in China have surfaced. 

    As reported by Gamepur, mobile gaming leaker Danny INTEL posted a few images of VALORANT Mobile today, claiming they’re from the playtest that is now live in China. The photos show the game’s loading screen, in-game interface, home screen, and character selection. While the images are reminiscent of VALORANT’s PC version, there are a few significant changes for the mobile platform. 

    The in-game UI shows how players can use different abilities by tapping different parts of their screen, and all of Jett’s abilities appear to be in the new version. The agent selection screen confirms that at least Jett, Phoenix, Reyna, Breach, Skye, Sova, and Killjoy should be available in the mobile version. The loading screen also shows Cypher and Raze, but it’s unclear if the remaining agents will appear in VALORANT Mobile

    While these leaks might be exciting for mobile players, it’s unclear when the game will officially be released. Riot Games confirmed a mobile version of VALORANT was coming last year but hasn’t revealed a launch date. Riot hasn’t officially posted screengrabs of the mobile game, so take these images at face value and expect changes in the final version. 

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