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    New Hunter Legendary Hydralodon coming in Hearthstone’s Voyage to the Sunken City

    Keeping with the theme of Hearthstone’s Year of the Hydra, a new multi-headed Colossal minion was just revealed for Voyage to the Sunken City.

    The Legendary Beast Hydralodon is coming to the Hunter class.

    Image via Blizzard Entertainment

    Hydralodon is a new seven-cost 5/5 Legendary minion with Colossal +2. Minions with the new Colossal keyword have extra appendages that are summoned alongside them when they enter the battlefield. Hydralodon’s two appendages are two additional heads. As you can see above, Hydralodon’s Heads are 3/1 minions with Deathrattles.

    In true Hydra-style fashion, Hydralodon Head’s Deathrattle summons two more Hydralodon Heads as long as your base Hydralodon is still alive. Just like Hydras of legend, when you cut off a head, two more take its place. Additionally, your base Hydralodon has a Battlecry that gives your first two heads Rush. That means you won’t have any problem jamming them into something and instantly sprouting a few more heads.

    Hydralodon is one of a slew of Colossal minions set to join the game when Voyage to the Sunken City goes live on April 12. Colossal minions appear to be game-changers and will likely have a major influence on the way Standard Hearthstone is played.

    You can check out Hydralodon and all of the new Colossal minions when Voyage to the Sunken City goes live later this month.

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