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    New highly detailed Pyramid Head figure from Silent Hill 2 unveiled

    The official Pyramid Head figure from Silent Hill 2 has been unveiled. Art director and monster designer Masahiro Ito closely followed its creation, and we know very well how reverently he treats his creation.

    In keeping with the concept “If we’re making a brand new Pyramid Head statue, let’s refine the details that couldn’t be expressed in the video game’s specs at the time of its original release, without ruining the original look.” Ito and sculptor Akao teamed up to create this highly detailed statue.

    The imposing pose, with a long spear in hand, recreates the iconic image of the executioner seen in the painting “Foggy Day, Remains of Justice” in the history museum. The iconic helmet recreates not only the rusty metal expression, but also the “creature” element. Details etched all over the body, such as painful wounds, rough skin, corroded and torn clothes, are another element that cannot be overlooked.

    Figure scale 1/6 (34 cm) and narrower available for pre-order for $284.

    As seen on PlayGround

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