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    New footage from ‘Avatar: The Way of Water’ shows the family of the main characters

    It’s been thirteen years since James Cameron first took us to Pandora, and time has passed in that world too, as evidenced by the latest images from Empire Magazine’s sequel Avatar: The Path of Water. One of the frames shows the family of Jake and Neytiri, where their children take center stage.

    Kiri (Sigourney Weaver), the young adopted daughter, can be seen with Netiam (Jamie Flatters), whom Jake seems to be scolding for something, and Lo’ak (Britain Dalton) and Tuktiray (Trinity Bliss) behind Jake’s back .

    This image seems to fit perfectly with Jake’s words in the trailer: “Wherever we go, this family is our castle.”

    James Cameron, father of five, explained:

    I look around, I’m not talking specifically about Marvel or DC, about today’s sci-fi and sci-fi, and all these heroes seem to be disconnected in a relationship quagmire, something that pulls you down, cuts you. wings, it prevents you from running and risking your life. I thought, what if we take these incredible characters, Jake and Neytiri, and give them a family?

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