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    New Fallout 4 mod turns the game into a stealth action game

    Fallout 4 has a new mod that balances the RPG’s stealth and detection systems, making the entire Commonwealth feel like a Dishonored-style stealth game.

    Urania’s Stealth and Enemy Behavior is designed to solve a few very specific and very annoying problems in Fallout 4’s “sneaking” mechanic. Anyone who has tried to play Metal Gear Solid-style Fallout has consistently found themselves at odds with the adversary’s arbitrary and unfair AI – if one enemy hears the quiet noise you make, everyone will immediately know your exact location. With the added changes, it is now possible to covertly clear entire enemy districts.

    Enemy sight, hearing, searching behavior, and overall alertness have been slightly altered, meaning that they are still a threat and will still hunt you, but no longer appear to be bound by a single telepathic hive mind.

    If you prefer a switchblade to Grognak’s axe, Stealth and Hostile Behavior available for free via link.

    As seen on PlayGround

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