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    New Fade cinematic trailer gives VALORANT fans a better look at the upcoming initiator

    VALORANT players finally saw the upcoming initiator, Fade, in action in a cinematic trailer before the start of the 2022 VCT Masters Reykjavík Grand Final today. 

    Fade, the next initiator in VALORANT, has been teased for weeks. Recent updates have added a new cell to the Shooting Range, and a new audio message describes how several agents struggled to capture the deadly agent. 

    The cinematic trailer shows the same mission revealed in the audio message in Cypher’s office on the Shooting Range, where several agents struggled to capture Fade. The trailer shows Fade capitalizing on each agent’s worst fears, lining up with the teasers released throughout the past week. 

    The trailer also gives fans their first official look at some of Fade’s abilities, which appear to shroud players in a dark gas-like substance. This is likely the same effect that happens when players walk into Brimstone’s office in the Shooting Range. Fade also activates a shadow-like creature, which flies towards the other agents. This ability will likely function similarly to Skye’s dog, debuffing players when hit. 

    Fade is meant to provide an “intimate feeling when hunting down enemies,” according to a blog post from last month, and exploiting their deepest fears aligns with this goal. Fans can likely expect new voice lines and interactions with different agents as they react to Fade’s abilities. 

    The Fade cinematic gives fans a small glimpse of the new agent, but players can expect gameplay footage after the conclusion of the Masters Reykjavík grand final.

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