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    New Bloodborne Kart gameplay video showcases Mikolash

    Lilith Walther has shared a new gameplay video for Bloodborne Kart showing off Mikolash as a playable character. Bloodborne Kart is a free to play Kart game based on Bloodborne with PSX style graphics.

    Players will not only be able to play as Mikolash, but also fight him in the game’s campaign mode. In this mode, players will chase him just like in the original game.

    As Walter mentioned, the game’s campaign mode will be a linear sequence of levels with little story cards in between to tie them all together. There will be three types of levels in this free game: racing, battles and special. The first two speak for themselves, but the special stages offer unique scenarios, such as the boss fight in this cutscene.

    There is no word yet on when this free-to-play game will be released.

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