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    New Battlefield 2042 Map Coming to Season 2 in September

    Just hours after the release of an update for Battlefield 2042 that changes one of the old maps and introduces a number of new features related to specialists, the development team has also revealed an important detail regarding the second season.

    The next new Battlefield 2042 map will arrive in Season 2. The first season, which was delayed from its planned launch at the start of the year, saw the introduction of the new Exposure map, and DICE says the next new map will once again reflect feedback from players who have asked for tighter spaces with more cover.

    “We’ve learned a lot,” said lead level designer Shashank Uchil during the developers’ press conference on August 2, “We want to make smaller maps, we want to have maps with more cover.”

    Uchil said the new map would still support up to 128 players, but stressed that it would have more places to hide from enemy fire. “It has all the best, but in a smaller volume,” he said.

    Similar feedback helped shape the design of the Exposure, which started with the designers pushing the idea of ​​verticality as far as it could go, he explained.

    While Exposure isn’t as horizontally stretched as some of Battlefield 2042’s more expansive levels, it does offer several distinct areas for battle and interesting ways to move between them. You can zipline or wingsuit down from the upper plateau into the canyon below, or fight in the cramped server and bunker rooms left by the recent earthquake and landslides.

    The next Battlefield 2042 map to be remade is Renewal. It is one of the largest and most open maps in Battlefield 2042, divided between a desert area on one side of the dividing wall and a man-made agricultural oasis on the other.

    While DICE hasn’t officially announced a release date for the second season of Battlefield 2042, it should arrive around the beginning of September, 12 weeks after the start of the first season.

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