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    Netflix has announced the role-playing action Kingdom: Blood based on the popular TV series

    The upcoming action-RPG Kingdom: Blood is a spin-off of the Netflix series that resembles the budget Ghost of Tsushima.

    Developed by Action Square and based on the Korean Netflix series Zombie Kingdom, Kingdom: The Blood is an upcoming zombie action game that takes players to 16th-century Korea during a zombie apocalypse.

    With decent graphics and enough gore and guts to please any horror fan, Kingdom: Blood faithfully continues the story of the series as an ancient kingdom struggles to survive during a zombie virus outbreak during the Joseon era. Based on the new trailer, players will have to use various melee attacks to get through enemies and zombies.

    According to a press release, Kingdom: Blood will have several game modes, including a story mode that follows the Kingdom series of games, and a Conquest mode that will have players go through five-minute battles, multi-boss battles, and PvP fights.

    Despite all the beheadings and dismemberments, it looks like Kingdom: Blood will also be a beautiful game. According to a press release, players will be able to explore various stunning landscapes throughout Korea, as well as the zombie-infested city of Hanyang, where the bulk of the series takes place.

    The game will feature character creation and customization, as well as a variety of costume options, including traditional Korean clothing such as hanbok. Developer Action Square also revealed that the game used a professional Korean sword dancer to capture the game’s motion to “perfectly replicate deadly Korean-style combat.”

    Kingdom: Blood does not yet have a release date, but when the game is released, it will be available to play on PC and mobile devices.

    As seen on PlayGround

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