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    Nearly 30 million Nintendo Switch sold in Japan, first time since DS

    The Nintendo Switch has reached almost 30 million units sold in Japan, the first time a console has achieved this since the Nintendo DS, the most successful platform ever to hit the Japanese market.

    As you can see from the latest Japanese rankings, at the current pace of the Nintendo hybrid console, it will only take a short amount of time to pass an important milestone, after which an ambitious new task will open up: to accurately surpass the Nintendo DS.

    The Nintendo DS dual-screen handheld console ended its lifecycle with 32,990,000 units sold in Japan, meaning the Switch would need to sell about three million units to sensationally outperform.

    It is highly likely that the Nintendo Switch will reach 33 million units sold in Japan and therefore establish itself as the best selling console in the Japanese market, and that’s even if the much-discussed Nintendo Switch 2 hits stores.

    The debut of a new model, especially if it’s fully backwards compatible, shouldn’t really mean a halt in sales of the Switch, which could indeed cross that finish line even faster and set new records in a price-cutting environment.

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