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    Naturalists in Red Dead Online receive double the rewards for protecting wildlife

    This will come as a shock to many readers, but various events are still held in Red Dead Online. Right now and through July 31st, players who take a delicate approach to wildlife will be richly rewarded for their efforts. For collecting animal samples, they will receive double RDO$ and XP, and will also be able to take part in the exciting free roam events “Legendary Animal Defense”.

    Astute naturalists know that there are other ways to interact with wildlife on the frontier besides hunting and poaching. Those who have already visited Strawberry and purchased the collection kit will be rewarded for their dedication to protecting the animals. Explorers and fauna protectors will receive great rewards, especially if they reach level 5.

    Among other things, for naturalists-professionals, unique tasks for tracking down legendary animals are opened, which can be launched from Harriet’s tent. Successful completion of these missions will earn players double the experience. Protect the puma “Sapa”, the wolf “Moonstone” and other animals, and you will find generous rewards in the form of double RDO $ and XP for the Defense of the Legendary Animal Free Roam events.

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