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    Named the reason for the closure of the prequel “Game of Thrones” with Naomi Watts

    The Hollywood Reporter has published an interview with the creators of Game of Thrones and the upcoming series House of the Dragon. During the conversation, it was revealed why HBO decided to abandon the Blood Moon prequel starring Naomi Watts.

    According to the former head of Warner Bros. Television Robert Greenblatt’s “Moon” pilot lacked “depth”:

    “It’s not that it was unwatchable or terrible or whatever. The pilot was very well filmed and looked unique. But I was not hooked and transported to the same places as the original show. There was no depth and variety, as in the first series of Thrones.

    According to THR, even the author of A Song of Ice and Fire, George R.R., never saw the pilot. Martin. “It all required a lot of imagination. The higher the risk, the greater the reward. There was nothing defiantly bad about it, ”recalls HBO program director Casey Bloys.

    The events of the “Blood Moon” were supposed to unfold a thousand years before the “Game of Thrones”, in the so-called “Age of Heroes” and “Long Night”. During the last one, the White Walkers tried to invade Westeros. The creator of the series was Jane Goldman (“Kick-Ass”, “Kingsman”). Watts was to play “a charismatic socialite with a dark past”. Filming took place in Northern Ireland in 2019.

    House of the Dragon premieres August 21 on HBO. The Russian release of the series is scheduled in the Amediateka online cinema.

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