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    Named European cities with the fastest internet in 2022

    The holiday season is fast approaching and millions of tourists have already flocked to Europe’s best summer destinations despite the heat. However, to share vacation photos, you need a good internet connection. But not all of Europe is the same.

    Whether you’re a European looking for the best vacation spot or a Russian enjoying a favorable exchange rate, analyzing mobile internet performance in popular destinations across the continent should help you understand how quickly you can connect and download content from your summer vacation.

    For analysis, Speedtest Intelligence data was taken on the average download speed and latency when working with multiple servers for each category. For starters, we took the “big cities” where people go to admire the architecture.

    Oslo, Norway topped the list of 15 European destinations for a big city experience with the fastest mobile internet with an average download speed of 156.99 Mbps in the second quarter of 2022. Two other Scandinavian cities rounded out the top three: Stockholm, Sweden with an average download speed of 136.74 Mbps and Copenhagen, Denmark with 133.16 Mbps.

    There was a big gap between these three cities and the next fastest group, led by Lisbon, Portugal, at 86.49 Mbps. Istanbul, Turkey, and Rome, Italy had the lowest average download speeds on this list. This is still quite high.

    Nicosia, Cyprus had the lowest median multi-server latency on the “big cities” list with 17ms in the second quarter of 2022. This metric measures how quickly a device receives a response after a request has been sent. Rome had the highest latency on this list.

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