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    Nacon confirms restructuring of Daedalic Entertainment

    Following the official announcement made by Daedalic Entertainment, NACON confirms that the studio is undergoing a reorganization that will focus on its publishing activities from now on.

    Daedalic has been developing this area for a long time and has all the necessary resources to ensure the release of a dozen indie games a year. Its catalog for the current financial year remains the same and is especially solid.

    The reorganization is focused on the development team: about 25 people are involved in the process, not counting several external contractors.

    The consequence of this shift is the cancellation of the second project in the Lord of the Rings franchise. This project was in the early stages of conception and only a few people were involved. These changes and the results of the release of the Gollum game do not affect the goals of the Nacon group, which remain the same for the current financial year.

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