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    Mystical turn-based western Hard West 2 released on PC

    The mystical turn-based western Hard West 2 has arrived on PC via Steam and GOG, publisher Good Shepherd Entertainment and developer Ice Code Games have announced. Its price is 515 rubles, but until August 11 it can be purchased for 463 rubles.

    In Hard West 2 you take on the role of the famous bandit Gene Carter – the legend of the Wild West. Together with his accomplices, the hero decides on a major robbery of a locomotive Ghost train”. But the train has such a name for a reason and the heroes are drawn into a series of mystical events and now they have to complete the tasks of the Devil himself in order to save their souls. On their way they will meet not only ordinary bandits, but also various witches and demons.

    Hard West 2 adds extremely aggressive elements to the usual good turn-based tactical gameplay. Depending on how your gang is assembled, there are different ways to go on the offensive – and risking offensive approaches can be very rewarding. Each kill activates a new “bravado” system and fully replenishes action points. Thus, a well-thought-out string of bravados cuts through enemy units like an unstoppable steam locomotive.

    With clever placement, experienced players can thin out the enemy lines before they even have a chance to counterattack. Seemingly small decisions can have explosive consequences, and creative decisions and strategic thinking are always rewarded.

    As seen on PlayGround

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