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    Myst Riven Sequel Remake Announced

    Cyan has announced a complete remake of the 1997 puzzle adventure game and sequel Myst Riven. Platforms and release date are not reported.

    Riven: The Sequel to Myst is a direct sequel to the famous adventure game. Atrus, the central character of the first part, asks the player to find his wife Katerina, imprisoned in a strange world, nicknamed Riven.

    Dive deeper into a deceptively beautiful world, cursed with marvelous rifts in time. Every shadow hides a secret, and appearances are never what they seem. Atrus needs you again. Uncover the truth about Riven and help him free his beloved wife Katherine. You must seek, explore, and evoke every spark of intelligence and intuition. Only then will you learn the truth about this troubled land and its inhabitants. You must let Riven be your world before the whole world is lost.

    As seen on PlayGround

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