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    Multiversus smashes 10 million player milestone in just 3 weeks

    Multiversus has been a rather pleasant surprise. A few months ago I wouldn’t have expected “Smash Bros. with Arya Stark and Ultra Instinct Shaggy” to be that fun, but my god, it really is. I’m not the only one who thinks that either, as the Warner Bros. Smashlike has surpassed 10 million players, according to statistics website (opens in new tab).

    As I write this, the site says Multiversus has just over 10,255,000 unique accounts. As accesses the game’s API to pull its various statistics, that number should be pretty damn accurate. Multiversus launched in closed beta on July 19 before opening up to the masses a week later, meaning the game has gained roughly three to four million players week on week. Morgan also ballparked it at being around the five million mark a mere seven days ago, which is some pretty incredible growth. It’s worth noting that the statistics cover all platforms though, not just PC. Regardless, that’s a mighty playerbase to accumulate in less than a month.

    It’s (mostly) been a fantastic few weeks for Multiversus. It had a stellar showing at Evo 2022, with a $10k prize pot and two underdog champions who subverted the meta (opens in new tab) to claim victory. Small hitbox hiccups and Finn frustrations aside, the platform fighter community has embraced Multiversus with open arms. Anticipation for season 1 is hot, though it was unfortunately delayed (opens in new tab) last week with no revised date. When it does arrive though, expect ranked mode, a coop arcade mode, and a 50-tier battle pass.

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