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    MSI has nailed the best budget Prime Day gaming monitor with this $120 144Hz IPS display

    High refresh rate monitors at this price don’t often come with response times as low as the MSI Optix G272. There are a lot of monitor deals (opens in new tab) popping up for this year’s Prime Day, but few can beat the value of this $119 monitor on Walmart (opens in new tab).

    The MSI Optix G272 is an 1080p IPS panel with a mediocre contrast ratio of 1000:1, but those aren’t dealbreakers given that this monitor can reach up to a 144Hz refresh rate and has a 1ms response time. Rtings (opens in new tab) tested it on the “Fast” response rate setting and found the pixels to swap colors, not just grey-to-grey, in 8.6 ms, which is significantly faster than most panels at this price. ┬áThis means that there’s very little blur on fast-moving objects, especially in FPS games.

    The monitor doesn’t come with AMD’s FreeSync or Nvidia’s G-Sync adaptive refresh rate technologies, but it does have Adaptive Sync. Adaptive Sync works on a DisplayPort connection with a lot of AMD cards and recent Nvidia cards. You can check if your Nvidia graphics card supports it here (opens in new tab).

    For non-PC gaming uses, this monitor can also hit 120Hz for consoles over its HDMI 1.4 port, and it has a headphone jack if you need to keep your setup simple.

    The MSI Optix G272 is an impressive monitor at a price that’s under what you’d find other 1080p 144Hz panels at. It typically runs for about $155, which puts the current price around $36 below the norm, and right now, that makes it one of the best monitor deals available.

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