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    More details on the upcoming animated film MK Legends: Snow Blind

    More details have surfaced on the upcoming new animated film Mortal Kombat Legends: Snow Blind. All information was officially published by IGN on their website, who also provided one official frame showing Kenshi and Kuai Liang/Junior Sub-Zero who is here in his 60s and 70s.

    According to the plot of this animated film, Keno is going to capture the entire earthly kingdom, and those who do not obey him will be killed. And one of these was Kenshi, who, during the battle with Keno, lost his sight. After, Kenshi turns to Kuai Liang for help, who at the time of the events of this film has already grown old. Kuai Liang undertakes to teach Kenshi how to fight, since the young fighter does not yet have enough combat experience to defeat Keno. However, on the other hand, the only strong warrior who is able to stop Keno is Kuai Liang himself, who will have to remember his past years again in order to stop another threat.

    In addition to the story, IGN also provided a list of all the voice actors who will voice the characters in this film. And among them there are both familiar actors who may be familiar to you from the Mortal Kombat games themselves, as well as previous animated films. The film will be directed by Rick Morales, who worked on the previous two films. Jeremy Adams, who wrote the screenplay for the previous two films, will also write the screenplay for this one.

    The cast looks like this:

    • Manny Jacinto (Top Gun: Maverick) – Kenshi.
    • David Wenham (Lord of the Rings film series) – Kano.
    • Ron Yuan (Voiced Scorpion in MK11) – Kuai Liang/Sub-Zero.
    • Keith Silverstein – Cabal.
    • Courtney Taylor – Kira.
    • Yuri Lowenthal – Cobra.
    • Artt Butler – Shang Tsung and the ninja Lin Kwei.
    • Imari Williams – Tremor.

    Other actors whose roles are not credited are Patrick Satz, Lei Ying, Sumali Montano, Debra Willson, and Keaston John. The release date of the film itself has not yet been specified, and therefore we still have to see the trailer for this film itself, in which we should definitely show the release date.

    As seen on PlayGround

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