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    Moonroof Studios to release roguelike farming game Moondrop in Early Access on August 12

    Individual developer Moonroof Studios will release the farming roguelike game Moondrop into Early Access on PC on August 12th. Moondrop combines tactical farming mechanics with roguelike replay value and exploration.

    Each farm is located on a shape-shifting mountain where a magical mist descends every night and changes the landscape. No farm can last forever, but experienced farming and alchemy players can keep the fog at bay for a while. You must carefully place crops for maximum growth while fighting exotic plants that teleport around the farm or destroy their neighbors.

    You’ll explore a procedurally generated mountain path “dungeon” filled with puzzles, secrets, and powerful potion ingredients. As each farm disappears into the mist, you rebuild the village to unlock more new upgrades, perks, and magical items for your next playthrough. With skill and perseverance, you will reach the top of the mountain and uncover its secrets.

    As seen on PlayGround

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