Monsters Makeover Madness


Giving Monsters Makeovers With Large Rusty Scissors To Fix Them - Monster Parlor

Monstrous Makeovers: Dive into the World of Monster Parlor 🧟‍♂️

Monster Parlor is a horror game where players run a beauty parlor for monsters and convince them that they need to be “fixed”. The game lets players utilize various strategies to persuade the monsters and ultimately profit off the makeovers.

Unique Mechanics and Features

In Monster Parlor, players must lower the esteem bar to zero to convince the monster to let them fix them. They can utilize a range of actions such as complimenting, persuading, and even berating the monsters to alter their mood and ultimately “fix” them. Additionally, each monster has a unique ability that can be used to shake things up during the process.

Strategic Gameplay and Mood Management

The game involves managing the monsters’ moods which affects their response to the players’ actions. By understanding their mood and knowing the right choice of words, players can effectively guide the monsters into allowing their makeovers. Strategic gameplay and mood management play a crucial role in Monster Parlor.

Monsters Makeover Madness

Limitations and Charms

Players can use charms to give them an edge when dealing with monsters. However, they need to be used judiciously since each charm can only be used once on a monster. Understanding the mechanics of charms and utilizing them strategically adds an extra layer of depth to the gameplay.

Mechanics, Reflection, and Symbolism

Monster Parlor introduces an interesting dynamic where players also need to face their own reflections in the mirror and realize that they, too, might need fixing. The game delves into the concept of self-reflection, symbolic of how we perceive ourselves, and what we may do to alter our appearance. This adds an intriguing layer to the game’s narrative.

Throughout the game, players experience the process of convincing the monsters they need to be “fixed”, ultimately leading to personal introspection. The game’s mechanics, along with its underlying symbolism, serve as thought-provoking elements for players to ponder upon.

Final Thoughts

While Monster Parlor has its limitations and may not fully realize all its mechanics, the game’s concept is interesting and provides a unique gaming experience for players. The process of giving monstrous makeovers and the reflection on self-perception add depth to the gameplay and offer an engaging narrative for players to explore.

Overall, Monster Parlor is an intriguing game that merges strategic gameplay with reflective narrative elements, making it a must-try for those seeking a fresh and thought-provoking gaming experience!

Monsters Makeover Madness

Monsters Makeover Madness