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    Monster Hunter Rise’s Sunbreak add-on has sold over 3 million copies

    The total shipments and digital sales of the Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak expansion exceeded three million units worldwide, Capcom announced.

    The new sales milestone was reached just over a week after Capcom announcedthat the total number of shipments and digital expansion sales exceeded two million.

    The Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak expansion is out for Switch and PC via Steam on June 30th worldwide.

    Sunbreak is a massive premium expansion for Rise. In addition to new quest ranks, locations, monsters, and never-before-seen hunting activities, players will be able to enjoy new story elements in Rise. Capcom garnered attention and interest in the game even before its launch with special promotions including the Capcom Showcase and the release of the Sunbreak demo for Nintendo Switch and PC, resulting in sales of the game exceeding 3 million units worldwide.

    Capcom intends to continue its sales growth in the long term, starting with a free update for the game, which will be released in August, and continuing to release additional updates to the game in the future.

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