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    Modder offers to make a digital copy of your cat for Stray

    The hype around the game Stray continues to gain momentum and enterprising modders are not averse to capitalizing on it. So the creator of mods under the nickname NorskPL offered the service of “introducing” a domestic cat into the game.

    For a fee, NorskPL will digitally create an image of your pet cat and add it to Stray. The service proved so popular that the modder refused to accept new orders until August 15th. Everyone is invited to sign up for the waiting list.

    NorskPL has to stop accepting new orders due to a very large volume of work.

    Who does not want to pay, but wants to play for another character – all the same NorskPL published several skins on Nexus Mods.

    Stray releases on July 19 for PC, PS4, and PS5. In just a few days, the game gained a lot of positive reviews and overtook God of War on Steam.

    As seen on PlayGround

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