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    Modder added 15 FPS to his weak PC by chopping down the Erd Tree

    Elden Ring was heavily criticized for performance issues, especially for the PC version. That’s why one modder took matters into his own hands and took drastic action: “cut down” the Tree of Erd.

    The Tree of Erd is a gigantic golden tree that not only dominates the world with its shimmering branches, but also dominates the narrative and lives of the inhabitants of Interdark.

    Removing such an important item for the game’s narrative and lore is a rather dubious matter. But its gigantic size and many particle effects caused framerate drops.

    As mod author K4richard said:

    The closer I got to the Tree of Erd, the more demanding the game became. The Erd tree and a bunch of particle effects were clearly the root cause of the problem. After removing the tree and a couple of particles, I was able to play at 30 fps on a weak PC. A whopping 15 fps boost on the GT 1030! This mod practically reduces the requirements for the video card.

    Currently Maud is in beta testing, there are a few branches left to delete. But it already has a significant performance impact, especially during certain boss fights that take place at the base of the tree.

    As seen on PlayGround

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