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    MKLeo wins Super Smash Bros. Ultimate at COLOSSEL despite dropping first offline set to Maister

    MKLeo has been on a grand tour of Europe over the last month or so, traveling around and entering a handful of Super Smash Bros. tournaments—though most of them have been smaller events. However, his most recent stop was Lyon, France, where he managed to take a perfect 6–0 win over Maiser to win COLOSSEL 2022. 

    COLOSSEL was a Major in its own right, with 1,024 players coming out to attend the Lyon event, and was also a Gold Tier tournament on the Smash World Tour circuit.

    And, while Leo did end up winning the whole thing, it was a validating run from Maister as he managed to beat Leo for the first time in an offline tournament bracket. 

    As he is known to do, Leo bounced around characters throughout the event, bringing out Aegis, Byleth, and Corrin at various points. This eventually led to a clash with Maister in winner’s finals where the Mr. Game & Watch matchup overcame Leo’s Corrin 3–2.

    The top three for the entire event was a show of Mexican Smash domination, as Chag also traveled to the event and beat rising talent Oliver “Bloom4Eva” Alexander’s Bayonetta, which knocked out Glutonny, though he did fall 3–0 to Leo’s Aegis.

    That Aegis would then go on to dominate Maister’s Game & Watch 3–0, forcing Maister onto Sora after going up a game in the bracket reset, which didn’t go much better.

    Overall, Leo was only brought down to one stock once during the entire grand finale, sweeping Maister twice for a perfect 6–0 topper to close out another Major win as his European “arc” ends. With, Chag, Leo, and Maister at the top, this is the first time Mexico claimed all three spots at a Major.

    As seen on Dot Esports

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