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    Minimalistic strategy game Thronefall will be released on August 2

    GrizzlyGames has announced the release date for Thronefall. Created by the same people behind the Islanders, the minimalist strategy game launches on Steam Early Access on August 2nd and is perfect for you if you don’t have time to learn complex mechanics and just want to immerse yourself in strategic decision making.

    According to GrizzlyGames, Thronefall should be “a classic strategy game without too much complexity.” The studio says it loves strategy games, but simply doesn’t have the time to spend hundreds of hours learning how to play them, so Thronefall aims to weed out the redundant and focus on what’s really important in strategy games.

    The idea behind Thronefall is simple: Build a base during the day and defend it at night. To do this, you need to manage resources, plan your actions, balance the economy and at the same time improve existing technologies and equipment.

    GrizzlyGames aims to cut down on unnecessary extra features without sacrificing game depth, so according to the studio, you still have to “find the right balance” between protecting the city and maintaining its economy. You will also have to decide which approach to take in combat and which elements of defense to focus on at any given moment.

    In addition to announcing the release date for Thronefall, GrizzlyGames has also updated the demo of the game, which is currently available on the Steam page. According to the studio, the changes include “a number of QOL features”, as well as bug fixes and other improvements. If you’ve tried the game and weren’t sure, now is the time to try again.

    Thronefall will release on PC via Steam on August 2nd.

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