Mind-Blowing Video Game History Facts


10 Video Game History Facts That'll BLOW YOUR MIND

10 Interesting Video Game History Facts

Video game history is filled with fascinating stories and surprising events that have shaped the gaming industry. From hidden references to the birth of iconic games, there are countless tales to uncover. Here are 10 intriguing facts that shed light on the captivating world of video game history.

1. Ultima 7 Takes a Jab at Electronic Arts

The plot of Ultima 7 subtly criticizes Electronic Arts, with the main villain representing the gaming giant. The game even references EA employees, creating an intriguing backstory that ties into the history of the company. It’s a clever nod that adds an extra layer of depth to the game.

2. Scratch and Sniff Discs on PlayStation One

In the UK, classic games like Grand Turismo 2 and FIFA 2001 had scratch and sniff discs, giving players a unique sensory experience. While this feature may seem unusual, it’s a quirky part of gaming history that adds an element of nostalgia for those who remember it.

Mind-Blowing Video Game History Facts

3. Steve Wozniak’s Secret Nintendo Power Scores

Apple co-founder, Steve Wozniak, submitted scores to Nintendo Power magazine under an alias, showcasing his impressive Tetris skills. This surprising connection between a tech icon and the gaming world adds an unexpected twist to gaming history.

4. The Origin of ‘Xbox’

The name ‘Xbox’ originated from the project’s ties to Microsoft’s DirectX team, illustrating the creative process that led to the console’s iconic moniker. It’s a testament to the innovative thinking behind the gaming industry’s most recognizable brands.

5. Video Games Before PC Creation Tools

Before the advent of modern game development tools, designers meticulously crafted game elements on graph paper, demonstrating the grassroots origins of game design. This hands-on approach reflects the dedication and hard work that went into creating early video games.

6. Excel Spreadsheets in Game Design

The extensive use of Excel spreadsheets in designing encounters and elements for games, such as Final Fantasy 14, showcases the behind-the-scenes work that fuels game development. It’s a surprising insight into the technical side of game creation.

7. The Making of ‘GoldenEye 007’

The fact that the groundbreaking game ‘GoldenEye 007’ was primarily created by first-time developers sheds light on the collaborative effort and passion that brought the iconic game to life. It’s a testament to the talent and determination of a small team.

Mind-Blowing Video Game History Facts

8. Majora’s Mask: A Game Made on a Bet

The development of ‘Majora’s Mask’ within a year, as a response to a bet, highlights the creative ingenuity and resourcefulness of game designers. It’s a fascinating example of how constraints can lead to exceptional results in game development.

9. Pre-Captured Tools Game Screenshots

The challenges of capturing game screenshots before modern tools emphasize the technological advancements that have simplified the process. It’s a reminder of how far gaming technology has come over the years.

10. The Origins of ‘Echo the Dolphin’ Name

The unusual origins of the game’s name, inspired by the eccentric nature of dolphin research in the past, add a quirky twist to the game’s legacy. It’s a testament to the unconventional inspirations behind classic games.

These 10 video game history facts offer a glimpse into the rich and diverse tapestry of the gaming world. Each story adds a unique dimension to the ongoing narrative of gaming history, showcasing the creativity, innovation, and sheer fun that define the ever-evolving landscape of video games.

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Mind-Blowing Video Game History Facts

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Mind-Blowing Video Game History Facts