Microsoft’s Hilarious Reaction to Apple Vision Pro


Microsoft Reacts to the Apple Vision Pro

Microsoft’s Reaction to the Apple Vision Pro

Microsoft has had some strong words in reaction to Apple’s new Vision Pro headset, expressing the belief that their own HoloLens set the standard for spatial computing and accusing Apple of copying their technology. Sam Tucker, representing Microsoft, pointed out several similarities between the two devices, emphasizing that the HoloLens was superior in every way, especially when it came to functionality and practicality.

Apple’s Vision Pro vs. Microsoft HoloLens

Microsoft’s reaction presents the company’s assertion that Apple’s new headset closely mirrors the features of their own HoloLens, such as hand tracking, eye tracking, and voice commands. They also claim that their HoloLens had a more sophisticated approach to simulating the real world, boasting see-through lenses and an integrated battery, in contrast to the Vision Pro’s use of cameras and screens. According to Microsoft, their HoloLens also offers a wider range of apps, catering to business and work-related tasks, whereas Apple’s headset is more geared towards entertainment and leisure.

Differences in Design & Functionality

In addition, Microsoft highlights differences in the design and functionality of the two headsets, poking fun at the Vision Pro’s pre-order sellout and expressing concerns about its safety in public spaces. They tease the visual appearance of Apple’s headset and emphasize that their own HoloLens offers a more practical and professional look. Overall, Microsoft’s reaction to the Apple Vision Pro can be summed up as a combination of critique and humor, asserting the superiority of their own product while playfully jabbing at Apple’s new release.

Microsoft’s Hilarious Reaction to Apple Vision Pro

Despite the satirical tone of Microsoft’s reaction, it’s clear that both companies are pushing the boundaries of spatial computing and virtual reality technology, ultimately expanding the possibilities for immersive experiences in the digital realm.

Microsoft’s response offers a glimpse into the competitive spirit of the tech industry, as companies strive to innovate and distinguish themselves in a rapidly evolving market. As the rivalry between Microsoft and Apple continues to unfold, consumers can look forward to exciting advancements in the world of augmented reality and wearable technology.

It’s an exciting time for technology enthusiasts, as new developments and fierce competition drive the industry forward and pave the way for groundbreaking innovations.

Microsoft’s Hilarious Reaction to Apple Vision Pro