Microsoft to Rescue Blizzard


"Microsoft will save Blizzard"

Blizzard’s WoW Store Mount Criticism

As the controversy surrounding Blizzard’s World of Warcraft Store Mount continues to escalate, popular streamer Asmongold has added his voice to the discussion. On his YouTube channel, Asmongold Clips, he shared his take on the situation and the reasons why players are unhappy with the current developments in the game.

Asmongold’s Concerns

During his stream, Asmongold highlighted four key points that have sparked outrage among the player base. Firstly, he pointed out the cost of the store mount, which runs at $25. This price tag has caused concern, especially given that it’s a digital item in a game that already has a monthly subscription fee.

Secondly, Asmongold noted that the mount looks visually appealing, which led him to question why it couldn’t have been offered as an in-game reward. This observation ties into the broader sentiment that certain cosmetic items seem to be locked behind a paywall rather than being attainable through in-game achievements.

Microsoft to Rescue Blizzard

Additionally, he raised concerns about reskins, emphasizing that some of the store mounts released by Blizzard appeared to be recolors of existing in-game mounts. This practice has led players to question the level of effort being put into creating new, original content for the game.

Player Reaction

The streamer delved into the emotional responses from the player base, expressing his surprise at the level of frustration from WoW fans. He cited their conditioning to accept certain practices and the need to shift away from complacency in the face of what they perceive as unjustifiable pricing for in-game items.

There’s a notable discrepancy between the cost of store mounts and the price of a full-fledged game, which has exacerbated the resentment towards Blizzard’s decision.


Asmongold’s reaction to the WoW store mount situation echoes the larger sentiment among World of Warcraft players. The criticism is a reflection of the passionate community’s desire for fair pricing and accessible content within the game.

Blizzard’s response and its handling of in-game purchases will likely shape the future of player engagement with the game. As the discussion continues, it’s clear that players are invested in the direction and decisions made by the game’s developers.

Microsoft to Rescue Blizzard

Amidst the criticism, there’s an opportunity for Blizzard to listen to the concerns of its community and make adjustments that align with the desires of its player base.

Ultimately, Asmongold’s discussion sheds light on the passions and expectations of the World of Warcraft community, indicating a collective hope for positive change within the game.

Microsoft to Rescue Blizzard