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    Microsoft speeds up Xbox Series X/S loading times

    Microsoft is speeding up boot times for its Xbox Series X/S consoles. In the latest Xbox Insider test builds for the Xbox Dashboard, the cold boot startup time has been reduced by approximately 5 seconds. Microsoft has been able to speed up the boot sequence by creating a shorter boot animation.

    Xbox testers have recently noticed faster load times and Microsoft has confirmed the change. Josh Munsey, director of integrated marketing for Xbox, says the company has created “a shorter loading animation (~4s) from the original loading animation (~9s), which helped reduce overall startup time“.

    Xbox Series X/S owners will only benefit from faster boot times if their consoles are put into power saving mode rather than standby. Power save mode means that the console turns off completely instead of going into standby mode. This means that you cannot turn on the console and start playing right away.

    Microsoft’s changes will speed up booting in power saving mode by reducing the Xbox Series X/S boot process from 20 seconds to 15 seconds. This makes Power Saving Mode even more appealing, especially after Microsoft made it the default option for new Xbox consoles earlier this year and also added support for downloading updates in the background.

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