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    Microsoft introduced the singing Xbox controller

    If you’ve ever sat and dreamed of a singing Xbox controller that could sing ditties to you as you play, then you don’t need to dream anymore. Xbox has unveiled a new controller that sings the song “Bad Decisions” and fans can win it.

    “Bad Decisions” is a song that is a collaboration between popular K-pop superstar group BTS, American producer Benny Blanco and Snoop Dogg, surprisingly. The song is a dance track that was released earlier this week with a music video to boot. To celebrate the release of this track, Xbox is giving fans a chance to win a controller inspired by this song and featuring a unique feature.

    More specifically, it’s a custom Xbox controller that shares the same color scheme as the Bad Decisions single – crimson red with white control sticks and D-pad, while the buttons are standard black. The controller is adorned with the single’s logo in the middle, as well as the artists’ names at the bottom. It also features a built-in speaker on the back, and if the player presses a certain button, the song will start playing from the rear speaker. However, this controller cannot be purchased through the regular route and can only be obtained through this special Xbox giveaway. Which, in principle, immediately excludes Russians and Belarusians from the list of possible winners.

    Fans wishing to own this collectible should follow the Xbox account on Twitter and then QRT the original tweet with the message #BadDecisionsSongXboxSweepstakes. The draw has already started and will last until August 25.

    The tweet also notes that players will also receive a custom car for their Forza Horizon 5 garage, which is presumably also based on the song and will feature the same color scheme. Fans who happen to be K-Pop and Xbox fans flocked to the tweet, with many expressing their excitement at the opportunity to win unique Xbox hardware that is also related to their favorite music group.

    Of course, the singing Xbox controller is not the limit of what Xbox is doing in the gaming world at the moment. The company recently announced that usage of the Xbox Cloud Gaming service has jumped 1,800% over the past year. This news will be music to the ears of Logitech and Tencent. since they just announced a handheld cloud gaming console, which will support Xbox Cloud Gaming.

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