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    Microsoft fixes a long-standing issue in Microsoft Defender Antivirus

    Microsoft has released an update to Microsoft Defender Antivirus that fixes an issue that has plagued Windows 11 users for months.

    Redmond officially confirmed the problem in March 2023. Windows 11 was showing a false notification that “Local Security Protection” was disabled. After installing Microsoft Defender updates, users received a warning: “Local security protection has been disabled. The device may be vulnerable.”

    Administrators who attempted to enable the feature on affected devices received persistent prompts to reboot their devices.

    Microsoft tried to remove the corresponding option from the settings, but this did not solve the main problem.

    The company already tried to fix the problem in May 2023. However, the released update was withdrawn because it caused additional problems.

    Microsoft has now confirmed that the issues have been fixed with a Windows Security antivirus protection platform update:

    The issue was fixed in the Windows Security Anti-Virus Platform Update KB5007651 (version 1.0.2306.10002). If you want to install an update before it installs automatically, you need to check for updates.

    Windows 11 devices will receive the update automatically through Windows Update’s automatic update feature. Administrators can speed up installation by manually checking for available updates.

    To do this, go to Start Menu > Settings > Windows Update and press the button Check for updates.

    Administrators can also run the command Get-AppPackageMicrosoft.SecHealthUI in an elevated PowerShell terminal.

    Windows 11 users can check for Local Security Protection on their devices as follows:

    • Use keyboard shortcut Win+Ito open the application Options or go to Start menu > Settings.
    • Switch to tab Privacy & Protection.
    • On the page that opens, select Windows Security > Open Windows Security Service.
    • In the Windows Security window, select Device Security.
    • open About Core Isolation.
    • Check if a feature is available Local security protection.

    By choosing Settings > About app in the “Windows Security” window, you can find out the currently installed versions. After installing the update on the affected device, the Windows Security service version should be 1.0.2306.10002.

    Windows 11 users who have not encountered the problem of disabling Local Security Protection do not need to do anything. Microsoft will release security updates today, on Patch Tuesday, July 11, 2023.

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