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    Meet a bunch of Tower of Fantasy characters in a brand new trailer

    Today Level Infinite and Hotta Studio have unveiled another trailer for the upcoming online RPG Tower of Fantasy.

    This time, the trailer focuses on introducing several characters that will appear in the game.

    Below you can find a description for each of them.

    • Shiro – Known as a “lone sea maniac” who is passionate about studying the ocean and its features, Shiro travels alone and studies the distribution of the ocean for several years and contributes significantly to humanity’s understanding of Hades.
    • Meryl is a senior Hykros executive who excels at S-tier missions with her sword and combat skills. She has a cool approach and it’s hard to know what’s really in her head.
    • Samir is a performer of Hykros who acts independently and enjoys playing pranks on others innocuously. She is very much loved by elite performers.
    • King – Used to solving problems and getting what he wants through violence, King is completely motivated by money; and his cocky attitude and flamboyant clothing are clear signs of his personality.
    • Crow. His optimistic and happy personality means that no fun things can escape his reach. He can show you some amazing dagger tricks, show you his collection of daggers to make you proud and happy, or tell you a stupid joke at any time.
    • Zero is a computer genius who has deliberately and effectively destroyed all records of his real name and past. He is smart, very competitive, and disregards everything he sees as meaningless to himself.
    • Cockoritter – Her unconditional trust in everyone she meets can be unsettling. But being with that innocence is her determination to save more people with her healing talents.
    • Nemesis – After being modified by the Heirs of Hades, Shirley transforms into the Angel of Mercy, known as Nemesis. Usually quiet and withdrawn, she turns into a ruthless killing machine when under the control of the Inheritors.

    Apart from the trailer, we also learn that the developer has teamed up with a Japanese singer miles, who will perform the theme song for the global release of the game called Clan. The song itself has not yet been released, but will debut soon.

    Tower of Fantasy will release in the third quarter of 2022 on PC, iOS and Android. Pre-registration is now available and over a million players have already signed up.

    As seen on PlayGround

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