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    Medieval Dynasty’s Latest Beta Update Adds Fast Travel

    The latest Medieval Dynasty beta update is quite large, adding important features like fast travel and buildings like the donkey pen.

    Along with the new building and fast travel, which will allow you to move between villages, players will find a lot of new additions. They range from toys that can be given to children to teenage students aged 14 to 18. There’s also a ceremonial haircut when the heir turns seven, family quests for the son and wife, family small talk, and new congratulations for the player’s family. Overall, this update makes the game more interesting and more fun, and the world more alive.

    In terms of general updates, the game has had some rendering optimizations, as well as some system optimizations, lighting improvements, and water quality improvements at lower settings. There are also more signs along the roads, a redesigned bear model, and an update to the house decoration system.

    In order to access the Medieval Dynasty beta update, players need to open their Steam game library and right-click on Medieval Dynasty. After that, you need to open the properties, select the “beta” tab and in the drop-down list enter “MedievalStagingยป as a password. Players then need to click “Check Code” and select “release_build_stagingto update the game to the latest beta version.

    If there are any problems, the save folder is located here: AppData > Local > Medieval_Dynasty > Saved > SaveGames. You can also revert to the latest non-beta update, and if you’re worried, you can save a duplicate of your save folder before you start fiddling with the beta.

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