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    Media: Microsoft’s deal with Activision Blizzard may be delayed due to negotiations with CMA

    It looks like we’re in the final stages of the long and tortuous acquisition of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft, and an official announcement can be expected within the next few hours. However, Bloomberg sources are of a different opinion and even argue that the completion of the transaction may occur later than expected.

    After the FTC’s defeat, it’s practically taken for granted by many that the maneuver will be completed and officially announced by the morning of July 19, the deadline agreed between Microsoft and Activision.

    However, Bloomberg sources say that Microsoft and Activision may not have time to conclude a deal by this date, since they first need to obtain official approval from the British CMA. This assumption is also shared by Tom Warren of The Verge and the Financial Times.

    As you know, in April, the UK Competition Authority rejected this move, citing potential risks to the competitiveness of the cloud gaming sector. However, in recent days it has expressed readiness to return to the negotiating table with Microsoft to find a solution that allows maneuvering in this country as well.

    However, this process will not be instantaneous, and yesterday the CMA secured an extension from CAT to August 29 to study Microsoft’s new offerings and issue a final verdict on the acquisition. Be that as it may, the UK competition authority is keen to resolve the situation as soon as possible, and therefore its decision may be made earlier than the specified date, but at the moment it is unlikely that it will make a decision in the coming hours.

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