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    Mecha shooter GALAHAD 3093 will be released in Early Access on September 1st. Final beta launched today

    Simutronics today announced that the upcoming mech hero shooter GALAHAD 3093 will enter early access on September 1st. The open extended beta launched today, July 28th, and will run until Monday, August 8th.

    In the futuristic sci-fi world of GALAHAD 3093, knights – mech operators inspired by the legend of King Arthur – fight for glory in epic arenas. They control spears – mechs capable of massive destruction – in a never-ending battle to capture and hold territory.

    “Since GALAHAD 3093 entered beta at the end of 2020, we have added five maps, a tutorial, a squad system, hundreds of customization options, countless balance tweaks, and more,” said Simutronics CEO David Whatley. “The game has evolved based on feedback from our players, and Early Access is our next phase of development. We are committed to creating the ultimate robot shooting experience together with our community and hand in hand.”

    As seen on PlayGround

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