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    Mass Effect 2 Legendary Edition gets a new set of HD textures

    Modder Catachrism has released an HD texture pack for the second part of Mass Effect in the Legendary Edition trilogy, which contains many LE-specific bug fixes, including removing scaling artifacts left in vanilla LE2 textures, UV rendering issues, misaligned character teeth, bugs in normal map, Azari color correction (removes neon blue), environmental texture improvements, and more.

    In more detail, the modder scaled all textures in the first step manually or with Cupscale to remove DXT artifacts. Catachrism then manually created and painted the textures using promotional images as references, its own texture detail libraries, and hand retouches. The modder tried to keep the specular channels and normal map details of the original textures in addition to the diffuse maps. In addition, he added new details and features that make the new textures work in any lighting scenario.

    You can download the HD texture pack for Mass Effect 2 Legendary Edition here. Its size is about 3.5 GB.

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