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    Marvel boss spoke about the future of Tom Holland’s Spider-Man

    At San Diego Comic-Con, Marvel talked to fans about their plans for the future, from the new Daredevil series and the Thunderbolts movie to the next phase in the ever-expanding MCU franchise. However, with multiple films, it’s hard to know where some existing characters, such as Spider-Man, will fit in.

    Fortunately, Kevin Feige spoke about the future of Tom Holland’s Peter Parker in the MCU. After the event, MTV News asked the studio president: “What’s next for the Eternals character Eros?” To which Feige replied:

    The adventures of Eros and Pip are something very interesting for us. You talk about Ghost Rider, we have Blade, we have Doctor Strange. We have the supernatural aspects, we have the street level with our announcement of Daredevil, and of course Spidey transitioning into street level heroes. And we have a “space” level where our friends Eros and Pip live.

    Peter became entangled in space affairs in Spider-Man: No Way Home by asking Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) to cast him a spell that would make everyone forget he was Spider-Man. But the spell went wrong and a pair of superheroes tore space and time apart – and soon Spidey had to fight enemies from different universes.

    It looks like Spider-Man’s next outing will be more down to earth. Sony still owns the rights to Spidey, so it’s partly up to them how involved he will be in the new phase of the MCU.

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