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    Marathon: Halo Infinite Multiplayer Lead Andrew Witts Moves to Bungie

    Andrew Witts, formerly Halo Infinite’s Multiplayer Lead Designer, recently joined Bungie to work on Marathon, a new multiplayer shooter with a strong connection to the studio’s longstanding franchise.

    Witts continues to work on his specialty, namely the game design of exclusively multiplayer projects. In this area he has shown a high level of professionalism which he will again apply in the development of the Marathon.

    Marathon belongs to the old Bungie franchise, which was created among the studio’s early projects as a Mac game, however, in the new incarnation, the game will be significantly redesigned, since it is multiplatform in its structure, which means it will not be exclusive to the PlayStation console.

    Marathon is a new Bungie project announced during the recent PlayStation Showcase and is one of many live service projects in development at PlayStation Studios. Given the experience of Bungie, we can assume that this is one of the largest, if not the largest, of such projects in development at Sony.

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