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    Major update 0.8.4 for the role-playing game Exanima has been released

    More than half a year later, developer Bare Mettle Entertainment has released a major new update for the physics-based RPG. Exanima.

    The highlight of Update 0.8.4 are the biggest changes in combat, as well as some smaller, but still very important ones. Combat is faster, more responsive, more durable and realistic, and many bugs have been properly fixed. Work has also been completed on a large number of skills, detailing, and game features.

    According to the developer, there are few main content goals for the game now, and the roadmap to 1.0 includes many gameplay and quality additions, many of which are implemented in this update. Of course, the game will continue to improve after the full release.

    Read the full patch notes here.

    Exanima is available on PC in Early Access.

    As seen on PlayGround

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