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    Mahokenshi card strategy game is out on Mac

    Publisher Iceberg Interactive and developer Game Source Studio have taken a major step forward with Mahokenshi following its successful PC release and recent major content update – our turn-based deckbuilding strategy game is now available for macOS on Steam.

    Explore a huge variety of vibrant 3D maps and immerse yourself in a magical Japanese atmosphere where mahokenshi are the only hope against corrupt forces. On your way you will face many dangers, but isn’t it worth it in the name of your honor? Are you sure it is. Find remote locations, find treasures and use the power of 4 samurai houses to create powerful combos.

    Meet the diverse and friendly inhabitants of the Sky Isles, save villages, open shrines, and defeat deadly demons. Bring your battles to life with fully animated characters. Perform magic maneuvers, fire attacks, strong defensive moves and fast-paced counterattacks to restore peace to the islands.

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