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    MagniumGear announces updated Neo Qube 2 cases

    Phanteks introduced new cases under the Metallicgear brand in 2018. Metallicgear then rebranded to MagniumGear and in connection with this, a new line of Neo series cases was introduced.

    New cases MagniumGear Neo Qube 2 and Neo Qube 2 IM (Infinity Mirror Edition) are already presented. Both cases are designed to showcase your gaming system thanks to large tempered glass panels. The housings have a two-chamber design.

    The Neo Qube 2 IM (Infinity Mirror Edition) version also features an Infinity Mirror (Infinity Effect) design on the front with ARGB lighting. The cases support up to three 360mm radiators for a powerful loop-cooled system. Neo Qube 2 are equipped with dust filters.

    The new MagniumGear Neo cases will be available starting this month.

    As seen on PlayGround

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