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    MAD Lions victorious against Vitality in Nisqy’s first LEC game since 2021

    New MAD Lions mid laner Nisqy enjoyed a successful game back on the LEC stage as he and his new team began the Summer Split with a win over Team Vitality.

    After spending the previous split on Fnatic’s bench, Nisqy proved to be a constant presence in team fights on Sylas. The former C9 star went 3/0/5 in the team’s first win of the split, which is the team’s ninth overall victory of the 2022 LEC season.

    Although MAD Lions seemed to always have the upper hand in previous encounters, Vitality made the first move at the eight-minute mark today when bot laner Carzzy killed Elyoya for first blood. Unfortunately for Vitality, MAD answered back with their own set of kills to keep the gold close at the 15-minute mark.

    Things started to tip toward the MAD Lions side as jungler Elyoya picked off both Haru and Labrov to help MAD Lions get mid-priority. The game completely broke open for MAD Lions after another successful engage in the mid lane.

    This momentum continued for MAD as Vitality failed to match their opponents’ map play, coordination, and tempo in the mid-game. As a result, MAD Lions used this lead for one final play at Baron, where they aced Vitality, grabbed Baron, and ended the game at the 34-minute mark.

    Possibly revitalized with their new mid laner, MAD Lions will look to build off of this momentum as they look to close out their week against SK Gaming and Rogue.

    For Vitality, today’s loss against MAD Lions puts them at 0-3 in the head-to-head matchup in 2022. After a lackluster performance that saw the team struggle past the early game, Team Vitality will look to bounce back against Misfits and Team BDS as they continue to implement new jungler Haru into the team.

    As seen on Dot Esports

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